BoB Ultimate Battle 2018 contenders



The EMSB Battle of the Books 2018 winner announced

Q. In which book are people living in splendor, but starving for new stories?
A. Miss Peregrine’s by Riggs

After a tied score of 81 points, this was the 3rd overtime question asked in this year’s EMSB Battle of the Books competition.  At the midway point it looked like newcomer Laurier MacDonald would take the entire competition, but after the intermission both LaurenHill Academy and Vincent Massey Collegiate managed to rally against Laurier Mac, Westmount High School, and Royal West Academy.

LaurenHill Academy will represent the EMSB against the winners from QAIS and the LBPSB on April 17th in Dorval.

School Battle @ LHA

The teams from the junior & senior campuses of Laurenhill Academy battled it out in the senior campus library on March 16th to see who would represent our school.  This year the junior side was victorious and, as per tradition, won the right to pick members from the losing team to create a Super Team! 🙂

The battle continues on March 27th when LHA will compete against Laurier MacDonald High School, Royal West Academy, Vincent Massey Collegiate, and Westmount High School.